I am me and that is enough.

There has been so much going on at home lately, especially with summer break and all the kid’s friends being out of school. My oldest  son moved in with  us and that has helped tremendously with getting help with the kids now that I’m a single mom again. I’m loving my  new found freedom, and the ability to be just me and not the person that others try to make me into.

It seems like every time I add a man to my household they try to turn me into the person they want me to be, or their ideal mate. I feel that if I am not loved as the person I am then why should I change for you.  Life is about finding  who  you are and believing that you as yourself can accomplish great things.

Changing for others is the worst thing I have ever done. So I  have decided to just be me. I’m the natural, chemical free, tree hugging, organic living, earth mother type that I was most of my early childhood and teen years. Once I hit adulthood everyone told me I  had to grow up, brush my hair, get a job, and be in the corporate world. Look normal, stop dying my hair rainbow colors, wear clothes that match, and worst of all don’t be yourself. Apparently to be an adult you have to conform to what society as a whole thinks you should be. Well, I don’t care anymore. I am the person I am because I love the earth and everything in it. I am  a true Pagan at heart. I don’t believe that you have to change who you are to be happy, especially if who you are is not harming anyone or yourself.

Well,here I am 20150627_155949and I am not going to change for anyone.

Happy to be me!!!

As Above, So Below.

Blessed Be.


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Wishlist for our new home..

With recent changes over the past year me and the kids have made some improvements on our living situation. Instead of paying rent for the rest of my life, me and the kids decided to buy a mobile home and rebuild it to fit our needs. 

Redesigning a home to suit our needs and our likes has taken on a life of itself. My Pinterest feed is full of home remodeling projects and redecorating ideas that I will be adding into our new place.

With so many ideas floating around on the internet and Pinterest app, its hard to find which style we would like to go for, so instead of one style we are making an eclectic mixture of all styles that suit us and our individual characteristics.

Each one of us is in love with a different design style, but yet they are all so similar that with a little inginuity we can combine them and make a wonderfully comfortable space for all five of us. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention my oldest moved in with us as well.

Here are ten examples of how we can mix these themes into one cohesive environment.

1. Custom art prints- Minted’s custom art prints can help us to bring each persons personality together and mix the different design themes together without overwhelming the eye. One of my favorite pieces that ill be adding to my home is the Swift Fox, with a reclaimed barn wood frame. 

2. Colorful furniture- Even though we all love different color schemes, we can come together with a few key pieces and join our color palettes together. Sometimes color is what makes a house much more warm and inviting. For instance this beautiful sofa set from Colebrook, on overstock, is neutral yet colorful for any home. With a few extra pillows and a throw to add more color you can make subtle changes to this set to draw the attention of your guest to the design of your furniture.

3. Unique arrangements- The specific way you arrange furniture and pillows can help bring your family together in a comforting environment and draw each family member into the common living space for more family time. Imagine sitting around on the sofa listed previously with a large 60 inch smart tv and surround sound speakers while watching the latest new release.

4. Vinyl wording- With a few well placed Vinyl word art you can share messages that each member of the family will understand and feel more welcome. Take for instance the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On”, this has become one of my most favorite sayings over the past year. It is what has given us the strength to carry on with our live’s even when times were tough. 

5. Pillow’s- Pillow’s, pillow’s, and more pillow’s is my motto. You can never have enough pillows in your main living space. Pillow’s are inviting, comforting, and add great seating arrangements, especially the huge floor pillows. With pillows you add colorful fabric, unique textures, and can even increase your seating area. 

6. Painted Walls- Whether you like all your walls one cohesive color or an accent wall or decorative trim, color is definitely a must have in any new home. No one wants to live in something so stark and white that the walls blind you when you walk in the door. Even if you are on a tight budget color is a great way to add character to your living spaces and feel relaxed and comforted while cooking, cleaning, and even sleeping. Paint can be added in many ways. One of the most popular ways to paint your home is through traditional all over cohesive color themes, but there are other ways to add paint to your home. For instance, consider doing each main wall in a different matching color such as the main walls can be red, pink, orange and pumpkin, or you can do chevron stripes with blue stripes and black lines between each stripe. Whichever pattern you choose, the best thing to remember is don’t be afraid to add a little colorful paint to your home.

7. Curtains or drapes- Everyone knows that curtains and drapes are used for window treatment. However, what most people don’t realize is that you can actually add curtains to your kitchen cabinets, or drapes to your walls. Moroccans have been hanging fabric drapes from a center point in the ceiling for ages and it always looks so lovely and Moroccan. My favorite part about fabric is not the sewing part, although, I love to sew, but the feel and textures that come from many different types of fabrics. I plan to add some fabric to my walls in my new home to offer an affordable way to decorate and cut energy costs since fabric is a great conductor of heating and cooling.

8. Family photos- Every family needs a wall of family photos designed just right to draw the eye  to the photos. Sometimes, people don’t have large families and sometimes they do. My family is about average size, with me as the only adult and the four children ranging in ages from 6-19. With family photos on the walls we can view each person at different times of their lives and remember when those times were. Each photo that you take represent’s a time period in your life, lots of times you want to remember for the joy you experienced then and other times you just want a reminder that whatever lead you to take that picture at that particular time is not a place you would like to be at again.

9. Custom frames- Custom frames really set off your pictures. Especially if you are repurposing old wooden frames. There are several techniques that can be used to make a newer frame look old and repurposed, there are also ways to find repurposed frames at local thrift stores and farmers markets. Frames are an inexpensive way to add character to the home and the pictures they are housing.

10. Rugs- Although most houses have carpet in them, many of them don’t and rugs are a great way to add a piece of yourself or combine different decorating styles and blend them together. In my home I have a beautiful blue and white trellis style rug that combines the french look with the eclectic old wood style that is in the process of being put together. With everyones style being different a rug is a great way to combine those styles and add texture and color. 

Since we moved into our home in April 2015 we have shopped at local junk shops, thrift stores, and even a few rescue mission store’s. We have scoured the classifieds for furniture that we can repurpose and scrap wood, paint and even pallets that can be turned into furniture. At this point we are still working on getting our theme and design for the house together. When it is all finished I will post some before and after pictures so you can see how with a few of the helpful ideas and a little time and patience you can design a wonderfully comforting home that’s style will fit your family for a lifetime.


Drunk driving at its worst

There is an all time high on drunk driving. As teens reach the age of partying and driving without adult supervision, many teens are not thinking before they get behind the wheel. Drunk driving is a major problem in America. Every year millions of men, women, and children are killed by a drunk driver and each year the numbers rise.

How do we combat drinking and driving? With stricter laws and more alcohol regulation we may be able to put a stop to drunk driving. Right now the laws in the US. are based on getting caught driving after drinking and listing your license to drive. Some court systems have started putting alcohol detectors on prior offenders. But where the laws are failing is in the rural country areas. This is where many people feel it’s easier to drive after a night out. There is less police activity and much less traffic on the road at night. This gives drunk drivers false hope.

We need to put more road blocks out checking for drunk drivers and more police on the streets close to bars and liqueur stores.

Let’s all take into consideration the other drivers and passengers on the street and think before we drink and drive.

Jessica Lynn Warrick

Mother’s day and what it means for me

Mother’s day is supposed to be the day that you celebrate being a mother or having a mother, but I feel it is better celebrated by testing those you love and care for with just a little bit more decency and respect.

Mother’s are not made the day they have a child, or even the day they adopt one. They are made the day they pour that child’s needs above there own. The day they feed there child and not themselves. The day that instead of buying that need phone or car you buy your kid/kids a new home so that they will not have to move around any more.

Recently I found myself needing to make life changes for my kids. I was not struggling to pay my bills but I was struggling to provide my children with the attention they were screaming for. My apartment was nice and it provided me the luxury of one bill a month other than car and insurance. But in order to pay those bills I had to work steady hours and someone’s late into the night. My kids were noticing me typing in my sleep and I was dreaming about writing. Relationships with the kids where getting distant so after having to admit my ASD son to a facility so he could feel better I decided to take a strep back and find a better environment for us all. I moved us out of the apartment and am working on moving us into our own little piece of country.

Throughout there existence I have wanted them to be able to learn from the earth and grow with the trees and now they will be able to and I don’t have to work 40 hours a week to provide them with their needs. Wants will still be extra but already they will have there own home with there own rooms and no one can take that away.

Jessica Lynn Warrick

May 2nd better known as comic book day.

One thing you may not know about me and the kudos is that we are totally nerdy. I work with computers such as web design and writing, and my children draw and read lots of books and comics. So the only appropriate thing for us to do on Saturday may 2nd was to head down to the free comic book convention at none other than the Coca Cola Space Science Center here in town.

The best part about this convention was the selection of comics and magic/card game gear. My sons are very much into the avengers so when we say the cosplay characters we had to get a few pictures. Munchkin was in heaven. Here is a few pictures of him enjoying his best day ever.


Jack with Captain America


Jack with Thor.


Jack and Harleigh Quinn.


Jack and Batman.


And who could forget jack with Iron Man.

I think he had a blast and he got a great selection of comics to read as well.

Next time your in the market for a comic book convention you should definitely go and have a blast.

Jessica Lynn Warrick

Disappointed in the grape vine.

Why is it that when you are pulling yourself up from the ground and have accomplished so much in a short time period, someone had to talk trash about your choices and decisions that don’t effect then in any way.

When taxes came in I treated myself to some tattoos since I knew that through out the rest of the year I would not have the extra money. I have for tattoos each one cost $25, $50, $13, $25. Not a big deal but apparently if I spend money in any way I’m making poor choices. Even though I bought a home for my kids, moving it into land, and poeticizing there every needs with out help and as a single mother some how I’m not doing things right. The big mouth that likes to talk yeah about people doesn’t own a home, can’t afford to pay there bills, I have bought them groceries, and even babysat for them for three years for free cause I love my m but I’m the one that gets talked about and in dealing with bigger stuff than any off then have ever had to but I don’t let it drag me down or control me.

It’s a shame that family can’t super without talking trash and making you or to be the bad got when you aren’t just cause they aren’t happy in there lives.

I pray that find peace in there own lives before they alienate everyone that cared about them.

Jessica Lynn Warrick

How to not be in the dark about your health.

So for as long as I can remember my body has hurt. Not in a normal way but in a constant throbbing way that escalates to inflammation and fever internally. I never could figure out why. I always thought when I was feverish and inflamed that it was for to bring sick, however, my mom forgot one big piece of information that she learned about my health as a child. Apparently I complained allot about “growing pains” and the doctors checked me out and diagnosed me with junior rheumatoid arthritis. This diagnosis would have helped me years ago and had she gotten agreement for me I may have been able to understand and handle the pain that I feel on a daily basis.

The mist important thing you can do for yourself as you get older is to get a routine check up. Now that i know that I have rheumatoid arthritis, my stress related angina, and my mental health issues I visit the doctor regularly for check ups, medicine management, and soon pain management. It’s very hard to suffer and not know why. To hear your loved ones complain cause you are always saying you don’t feel good and yet you have no answer to why you don’t.

Since funding out that I have this disorder I got my daughter tested because she had complained about the same issues as I did as a child, and she is now being referred to a rheumatoid doctor.

I wish my mom had been more attentive of my needs as a child, maybe I would have been able to get treatment that I needed sooner. But now that I know I can take care of it and get the pain management I need.

For all those mother’s put there with a child who suffers please do not wait till they are 35 to tell them they have arthritis and you never got then treatment. It’s for there best interest to be taken care of properly. It also will show how much you care to treat them early and inform them at a young age so they can be aware of the problems they will have add an adult.

Jessica Lynn Warrick

Planning a trip to Paris can include many different things.

Paris is a wonderful city to visit, whether you are going for a family vacation, break between high school and college, or an anniversary trip, it will be both exciting and educational for all. Sometimes, you will need a party dress, sometimes you will need medicine, and sometimes it may rain. When you think about the What If’s, you will always be ready in advance. Making a list of all the necessities you will need while gone is one way to prepare for your trip.

Hotel to Stay In
Even if you are traveling for a backpacking excursion across France, you are still going to need a hotel or hostel to stay in while you are there. Depending how much you have to spend will determine what environment you will end in while in Paris. Hostels generally are more affordable than the fives star hotels that surround Paris’ main tourist attractions.

Plane Tickets
To get to Paris, you’re going to need plane tickets. Many plane trips will have layovers, and some can last as long as eight or more hours. Do your research and make sure you get the best plane ride for the price. When heading out the door the day of your departure, make sure you have your tickets or printed email reservation. You don’t want to arrive at the airport and be disappointed because you forgot your tickets or confirmation email.

If you or your travel partner takes daily medicine, or is allergic to something and requires special medicine, making sure you have what you need is important. Although there are many pharmacies in Paris, you might not find the exact prescription you need if you somehow forget your medicine.

Everyone has a specific type of toothpaste he or she prefers. Sometimes it could be a toothpaste that is not available in Paris. If this is the case, then you will need to pack enough to last you while you are there. Other toiletries ou can take on the plane can include small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, soap, perfume, deodorant, and other personal effects. You can buy toiletries in Paris once you arrive; however, you are taking a chance that the ones you like are not available.

Proper Clothing for the Season
Making sure you have an outfit for a special night out, an outfit for each day you are there, and PJs for nighttime is an essential part of planning a trip to Paris. Depending on when you are traveling and what season it is can determine the clothing you sho bring. Paris can get pretty chilly during winter and super warm during the summer. Making sure you have an outfit for every occasion, shoes to match, and a coat or umbrella will insure that you will not be caught without something to wear.

Now that you have a detailed list of necessities, start planning that trip to Paris. Be sure to start by looking at hotels in Paris first!

Authors Bio:
Jessica has been writing for the #cityoflove project for #hipmunk for some time now and is enjoying every minute she gets to write and educate others on these wonderful cities and the attractions in and around the area. With her extensive knowledge in traveling and packing she

The Best of Barcelona

Barcelona is a spectacular city with many attractions to amaze you. There are places within walking distance, places you have to drive to, and places that only a bus or boat can get you to. Whatever excitement you are looking for on your visit to Barcelona, you will definitely find it.

Art History in Barcelona
Most people visit Barcelona for the art and architecture. With so many famous artists that made Barcelona not only their home but their canvas, artwork is found on every street corner and in every building. From Gaudi’s Art Nouveau to the Picasso Museum, the art is exquisite and varies at each glance.

Many famous artists visited Barcelona for inspiration and romance. Not only did Gaudi design beautiful structures, but Picasso painted magnificently romantic paintings and Dali intrigued everyone with his twisted view of everyday objects. The artists that came out of Barcelona all have a place in Barcelona dedicated to displaying their lifetime of works. These displays are wonderful educational and cultural additions to your trip to Barcelona.

The Nightlife in Barcelona
Barcelona is not only popular for its art, but the music is also a big attraction, especially to the younger crowd. The Barcelona Night card gives you full access to every club in Barcelona for free for seven days. While visiting Barcelona, you will definitely want to go out and see how the locals enjoy the nightlife. The music and people are wild and the clubs are a blast for any nightlife enthusiast.

If you choose to get a Night Card, it provides many other useful services in addition to club access, including a safety cab to and from the bar, discounted drinks, and sometimes even free entry into the bar. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the nightlife at a discounted price, it provides you with a fold-out map to show you where you are and where the best clubs are. Nightlife in Barcelona is a blast; however, if you don’t like the nightlife, there are many other options that are exciting and unique when visiting Barcelona.

Ghost and Ghoul Guides
Every city has its own history and Barcelona is no different, with stories galore floating around about mystical ghosts and other fanciful and frightening characters to intrigue you. A new tour hosted by ICONO features a tour at night with an experienced tour guide. The tour will take you to the famous Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, and La Ribera quarters. These locations are notorious for exorcism, witchcraft, and many other apparition sightings.

When visiting Barcelona, you will be amazed at all the popular attractions that are within walking distance. The tourist attractions include a range of events, museums, and unique tours that even the most distinguished visitor will find exciting and wonderfully inventive. Whether you’re a sports fan, a music fan, or a fan of the weird and supernatural, there is definitely something for you to do every day that you are on vacation in Barcelona.

Author Bio:
Jessica has been writing for the #hipmunk #cityoflove campaign for some time now and enjoys giving her readers more information on the different cities around the world. Sh e has extensive knowledge about travel and loves giving insights into the best tourist

A child-friendly Paris

Paris has for a long time been a great place for adults, but what about the children? Imagine how you felt when you heard the words Paris or Eiffel Tower as a child. The images that you saw of these places in dreams can only be intensified by reality. As a child, we all dream of visiting those far off lands, filled with magic and mystery. In Paris, there are mysteries around every corner and magic that exudes from the streets right into the minds and hearts of every child.

Imagination and Play
Imagine a creative puppet show designed especially for children or laughing while riding a carousel of beautiful horses and exotic creatures. Well, that is what you get when you visit Paris and go to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Kids can come and enjoy ice cream while waiting for the pony rides, or play in the pedal karts, and later they can play in the sandpit. Memories will last a lifetime when you bring your children to this park and let them experience the wonder and joy of Paris.

Maybe your kids would like a more active setting, such as rolling around in gigantic hamster wheels designed specifically for children to play in. At Parc de la Villette your children can imagine what it would be like to be a hamster in a big wheel. Maybe they want to climb like monkeys on the jungle gyms and play on the kid-friendly ziplines. This park has so many things to do that even the most active of kids will get tired and never be bored.

Shop for Every Toy on Your List until You Drop
Everyone knows that kids are notorious for wanting toys. Only the best toys will do, and in Paris only the best toy stores will do. Some of the best toy stores in Paris are found on the Passage des Princes. These passages are designed to entertain Parisians by feeding them and giving them shelter during the rain. Imagine shopping for many things in the shops, including the best toys in Paris. Any child would be pleased with coming to visit these wonderful architectural establishments.

Water, Water, Everywhere
Everyone who visits Paris rides the Seine on gondolas, but one boat trip that many people don’t know about is the canal barges. Not only will the kids get to cruise the canals as the water rises and falls, but the best part is at one point in the ride you actually go underground. Kids are amazed at the rise and fall of the water in the locks while riding the barges. This two-hour-long trip will keep the kids entertained and give them something to talk about.

With so many things to do in Paris for children, there will never be a shortage of activity and entertainment while you are on vacation or if you happen to move there and need weekend activities. When visiting Paris, explore the unusual attractions so your childhood dreams of Paris can come true.

Author Bio:
Jessica has been writing for the #hipmunk #cityoflove campaign and enjoys informing her readers about the many wonderful cities in the world. There are many attractions that are well known, but Jessica enjoys informing her readers about the attractions that aren’t so well known. With her exten sive

Top 3 Hotels in Dallas for children

When visiting Dallas, TX as a family you will be concerned about the best hotel for your children. What amenities do they offer for children? Is it close to attractions? Do they offer a family friendly atmosphere? These are all questions that you have to consider when searching for the perfect accommodations for your family.

The best thing to do before visiting a new city is to call ahead and confirm that the hotel you’ve booked is children friendly; this will prevent any confusion upon arrival. Here are a few hotels that will accommodate your family and have special services just for kids when they come to stay.

Bedtime cookies and milk, anyone?
The our Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas in Irving, TX provides special amenities to the littlest of guests. With the turn down milk and cookies, the special kids menus, and the kids gift bags upon arrival, they will do whatever it takes to make your kids feel welcome and at home. If you decide that you would like a night out without the kids while you’re in town, they even have a babysitter service available right in the hotel.

Bring the pet along
We all know that when kids leave for vacation they want to bring the family pet. Sometimes it’s just not possible, but at the Home2Suites by Hilton in Dallas-Fort Worth area you can bring that pet with you when you come to stay. Not only are they pet friendly, but they have kid friendly rooms and special amenities such as cribs, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and laundry service. They offer a more affordable pricing plan and a market that is pen 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Protect the children without the added expense
When staying at a hotel you are not always allowed to cover the outlets and sometimes forget to stock the first aid kit. At the Westin Galleria that is not a problem since they great each family at the door with goodie bags to entertain the kids and a fully stocked safety bag for the parents to adequately adapt the room and have first aid at hand. Not only do they offer safety features that parents love, but they offer parents a night out and a Kids Club that adds extra activities to the kids’ agendas to keep them busy and happy.

When planning a trip for a family choosing the right hotel is daunting, but if you take advice from someone who has been there, you should be able to find the best hotel for your family. Hotels come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Sometimes the best one for you might be the largest chain hotel, and sometimes it might be the small mom and pop run hotel. Whatever you choose for your next family visit to Dallas, TX, make sure you do some research and know who has the best offer with the most amenities for your kids to enjoy.

My life has been turned upside down

Living with a child with Autism, ADHD, O.D.D, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, and other medical conditions is hard enough, why would god go and throw puberty at him tooo?

My son is turning 13 in March and he has hit puberty. Puberty isn’t fun for anyone especially girls. But a child with medical conditions such as mental and physical disabilities makes it so much harder.

Frog hit puberty. Those three words have me devastated and has my hole world turned upside down. For about three weeks he completely lost all since of boundaries, inappropriate touching, inappropriate name calling, breaking things, meltdowns, overwhelmed anxiety, he just could not function, So his Dr. admitted him to the acute care rehabilitation center for children. The case worker is thinking of removing him from my home and placing him in residential treatment centers. I want him to have the help he needs, but I don’t think that I or he should be punished by removing my rights to him. I am doing my own research and will be placing him in a center of my own so they do not take my rights from me.

Christmas, bah humbug

So this year was supposed to be a great year for us. Don’t get me wrong the year itself was great but Christmas had drained me emotionally, physically, and financially. I’m not happy, I’m very anxious and my ASD son is having a mental break down that can not be contained since he entered puberty three weeks ago. Right now he is breaking the limbs of my tree and throwing them in the floor. What ever, it’s not like we need it anymore.

My two oldest kids dad came into there life about six months ago and if I had to depend on him for support for them they would be dead. He owes $34,000 of not more in child support alone, and has only sent $150 over the past six months. He said he had a tablet for our ASD son, but never sent it. Nothing not even a call or a Christmas card. That is what a short as father is.

My medicine doesn’t seem to be working as well and instead of helping me my doctor drops me as a patient. Great customer service. I’m at the end of my patience with stupidity, lazy need, and my agoraphobia and anxiety has hit the roof.

I’m sure that one day it will get better but when, and how long, and will I survive?

Jessica Lynn Warrick

When your child is considering college in Paris

My daughter is getting to that age when she starts to consider college. She has been considering many state colleges and even international ones. A few she is considering is Paris, California, and Florida.


One that she has considered is in Paris. Although Paris is the most romantic city in the world, or so people think, it is also pretty far away from home. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to travel to another city or even another country for school. That is a big step in a young girls life and traveling to Paris would mean that we would need for her to have a <a href=“https://www.hipmunk.com/Hotels-in-Paris-France/Ecole-Normale-Superieure-Attraction”>Cheap Hotel in Paris</a>, one that we could afford, especially since she will be there for the visit and then the schooling time period. Thank god it is still a few years off and we can actually start planning for the cost.


California is a much easier school for me to handle her going to. At least with California I can just pack up and move with her. This will keep her close to me and help to keep an eye on her and be there if she needs me. It will also cut down on cost of living since she can just stay at home instead of having to find an apartment while there. One of the best schools in California is Wesleyan College and she is actually considering attending, which makes me so proud of my free thinking daughter. She has definitely taken a page out of my book. As a girl I would have loved to go to school at Wesleyan College but unfortunately I wasn’t able to due to unforeseen circumstances.


Florida is also a location that she is considering for school. She was thinking of becoming a Marine biologist and for schooling she would need to be close to the water. What better way to be close to the water, than going to school in Florida? Although California is also close to the water, it’s not as close as Florida, and it’s a completely different environment. She has always loved to visit the beach when we would take trips to Florida. If it was here choice she would spend everyday on the beach soaking up the sun.

Even though it is another four years away, it still scares me so much that she will one day leave the nest to start her own life, whether it be school or career. Although I pray that she attends college, she may decide to do something even more drastic than moving to California, she may actually travel the world for a bit. Whatever it is she chooses I’ll be behind her one hundred percent and of course momma bear will follow her to the ends of the earth and back.

Thanks to Hipmunk and the #cityoflove campaign I’m able ton bring you this wonderful post about Paris and college woes.

Paris and other great places to visit

Lately I have considered “What if we were to move? Where would we go?”
There are many places in the world that I would love to visit, but would I love to move there? Sometimes we get bored with our current location and think about the differences in other cities, states, countries, and regions. Take for instance Paris, I have been to England and I absolutely loved it, but would I want to live there for an extended period?
Paris is called the city of romance and love, but if you are running from romance and love, do you really need to move to a place that is known for the millions of people a year that fall in love or get married there? I think that when running from love or romance you should choose a place more fit for freedom and self-expression. This can include such locations as San Fransisco, Seattle, London, and even Australia.
Even though I currently live in a city next to my mother and sister, I sometimes wonder and dream of moving far away from it all. Just packing up the kids, the house, and the dog and hitting the road for a much-needed relocation. Relocating to a new and exciting town can bring about so much change, some can be good and some can be bad, but the good can outweigh the bad if you completely reorganize your life to reflect an all new you. The people in the new town don’t know your past and you can create a whole new future for yourself. This is the attraction that draws me to moving far away.
Then I consider what would happen to my sister and my mother if I was to just pack my family and move. They wouldn’t have anyone to lean on when I’m not here. They would have to depend on each other more and they don’t exactly get along as well without me. I would feel guilty for thinking of the wellbeing of my sanity and my kids future by moving them to a more financially abundant town. Even if I was to move for a better or higher paying writing job, I would still feel like I’m abandoning them to move on with my life. Even though the reason is not to forget about everyone, just the parts that don’t make me happy.
Maybe moving is something I will have to dream about for a bit, but one day I hope to see those cities and states and countries that I dream of visiting. Maybe one day I will, and maybe, just maybe I’ll start with Paris.