Things to do when planning a trip to Paris

By | November 19, 2014

Paris is a great vacation destination for many types of people. Many families will travel to Paris for holidays, or special occasions. Some people get stationed in Italy with the Military and travel to Paris for a weekend get away. Whatever your reason for traveling to Paris, make sure you have mapped out all the things you will need while traveling. Planning a trip to Paris is fun.

Not many people think about the what if’s that could happen when on vacation. Maybe a huge storm hits and you get stuck longer than you had prepared for. What if you run ut of medicine while on vacation? Making an itinerary for your traveling companions is also something to consider when traveling to a foreign country.

Consult your Doctors before traveling

When you plan a vacation that is not in your home country, you should consult your doctor to make sure you have prepared for anything that may happen. Sometimes you will have to get extra shots or vaccines.  Refilling your prescriptions before leaving is also a great idea. Get a medical history from your physician so that when you are traveling the doctors and police will be well aware of any disabilities or conditions that they need to be concerned with in case of an accident or injury.


Image from Flickr by Tal Bright

Make a detailed itinerary for everyone

Making a detailed itinerary or schedule for everyone to have is a great way to tell every person in your traveling party of where each person is. This will cut down on someone getting lost, or having to call the police to find a companion when they don’t show up at a designated time.

Many people will travel in groups and sometimes they like to split up. When you split from your group it helps to know where the group was going and what time they will be back to the hotel, it is also helpful for them to know where you are headed and what time to expect you back. This will help you incase something goes wrong and you need to be saved or found.

Packing for the “What If’s”

Many women are well aware that the “what if” situations can happen at any time, especially if you have small children. What if your child gets sick and wants their special blanket. You know the one they only use when feeling really sick. This can be very difficult to get and calm the child if you left it at home. So pack for the What if’s.

Make sure you pack at least three extra outfits, including underwear and a coat. This will make sure that if you do get laid over for a few extra days that you have access to extra clothing, and the coat will help if for some reason the temperature drops and your wardrobe was not ready for the current weather.

Many things can happen when traveling. Traveling to Paris is no different from traveling to any other country or continent. You need to keep up contact with your friends and relatives and keep your traveling companions on a schedule so no one gets lost. Prepare for warm or cold weather and surprise over night stays, and keep up a healthy supply of medication so that you don’t have to figure out how to fill those pesky prescriptions.

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Unique Locations for Wedding Ceremonies around Paris

By | October 27, 2014

Weddings are big business and having one in Paris or around Paris is every girls dream. When planning your wedding consider these locations.

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Off the Wall Places To Visit In Barcelona

By | October 27, 2014

When Visiting Barcelona try to find the most interesting and unique attractions that are unavailable anywhere else. Barcelona has many places that you can visit that not only add a unique twist to your visit but also educates you on the history.

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Working so much I haven’t had time to tell y’all the good news.

By | October 14, 2014

Lately I have worked so much that things have gotten a little out of hand. I decided to take my writing career a little more serious and make it my full-time job. Since doing that I have marketed my services to many content mill companies online and some higher end writing companies. With one of the higher end companies I picked up a job writing for #HipmunkCityLove project, which has given me the ability to learn about new cities, and experience writing for a major online marketplace. If you’re interested in learning about Flights to Paris then check out my article titled flights to Paris on Hipmunk.

Not only have I been writing for Hipmunk but I have set up a Facebook Page for my services so that others can check out my writing examples and design examples and see my price list. I have done a lot of work and it has been very rewarding, especially since I have left my husband and moved me and the kids into our own place. Now that all the bills are on me. My freelance career has taken off.

Not only am I doing a lot better with my career, but my kids are doing great. They have faced struggles over the years and are starting to enjoy life more. We are all such free-spirited people and needed a change in our lifestyle and environment. My daughter has entered the 8th grade and decided to be homeschooled this year and my youngest is now in 1st grade. It seems like just yesterday I was starting this blog and talking about all the cute little things that lil‘ man did on a daily basis and now he is a 1st grader and can read and write. He has come along way since then. I’m very proud of my kids for being the bright, obnoxious, unique individuals that they are.

Life has come a long way for us over the past five months and as I face this new adventure in my life and my kids life, I take my career to a new level and work for many clients as a freelance writer and designer. This allows me to be there for my kids on a daily basis without having to report to a boss. I can take vacations when I want, or just take a fun day at the park or Mall with my daughter and not have to worry about my income and getting fired by my boss. I only wished I had figured this out sooner, especially when Frog was younger and had so many problems in school, i lost many job’s early on in chunky and frogs childhood due to their asthma attacks and my son’s autism. But now I can be there for him right when he needs me thanks to freelance writing.

Thank you for checking out my newest articles on Hipmunk and following me through the good and the bad her on Punk Rock Momma.


Jessica Warrick-Punk Rock Momma and @FreelancerJessicaWarrick on Facebook.

Jessica is a mother with three obnoxious kids, one with ASD, ADHD, ODD, and Severe Anxiety. She struggles daily with her afflictions, but fights them so that she can be strong and supportive of her children. As a freelance writer, she writes for such sites as Copy Press, Blogdash, BlogMutt, TextBroker, and many other clients. Be sure to check out her most recent work.


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Punk rock momma published

By | August 23, 2014

So the other day I published my first ebook on Amazon. It’s called anxiety, his to eliminate and relieve your anxiety. It’s the first of many that will be published by me. It’s $4.00 for kindle and I would appreciate any purchases or reviews. Check it out.


It’s the one with the girl and balloons, cause she’s letting go of get anxiety. Lol

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How can a stay-at-home mom make money with a blog?

By | July 6, 2014

how can you make money with a blog?

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When the shit hits the fan.

By | June 15, 2014

So over the past couple of years I have struggled with many emotions. Many decisions of how to raise my kids, and wether or not i was putting enough effort into my marriage as I should be. Yes as I look back I see where I could have been more loving and available. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even meant to be happy with someone in my life. The past three to four weeks I have been facing some tough decisions. I have seperated from my husband and I am now faced with the task of paying my bills on my own so I dont have to depend on someone else to help me. I have been on disability for the past four ina half years and I make very little. I’m working on getting a job that will help supplement the income that I’m losing by leaving my hubby. He will supprt his son any way that he can but it may not be an option in the future. This have gotten hectic and out of hand and I don’t know where to begin or end. The realixation that things happened that i have no control over and had no idea about has really shocked me and devastated me. My youngest is crushed, he doesnt understand why his father no longer is with us. My Autistic son has been going wild thinking he doesnt have to listen anymore. It’s a struggle to deal with these things but I’m strong and I will survive this turmoil. Things are bad but they will get better. I believe that god has a plan for all of us and when we are truly open to him he will reveal himself and our plan. Maybe we were meant to experience such betrayal so we could truly get to where we are supposed to be, maybe not. Demons work in many different ways and through many different people. One thing I do know is that I can’t truly trust anyone in this world, not only family but everyone in this world has a secret that they are hiding. Some secrets are minor and some a woppers. The woppers are the ones that knock you down and try to break you. But I’m not going to let it break me. I’m going to live my life and pray for the slavation of those who wronged us and maybe one day they will realize the errors of there ways. This is how I deal with everyday. One day at a time and eventually it will be a distant memory of pain and suffering and i will be greatful that I and my family where strong enough to make it to the top.

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Teach Kids How To Manage A Dirt Bike Off-Road

By | May 20, 2014

boy on a motorcycle

Some kids can’t wait to climb onto the back of a dirt bike and tear through the mud, while many parents want their kids to turn off the television and get outside. From 2006 to 2011, the number of kids participating in outdoor activities decreased, reports the OutDoor Foundation. Dirt biking is an action-packed, physical hobby for kids old enough to balance and control a bike, as well as a way to combat couch potato-itis. Help your kids to tear through the great outdoors with these training tips.

Communicate Clearly And Effectively

If you work in a management position or have to create reports and updates for work frequently, your communication skills may be both developed and to-the-point. As such, your kids may get frustrated when you explain a new concept to them (dirt biking or otherwise) quickly and tersely. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association reminds parents that their communication skills and a child or teenager’s communication skills differ to a great degree, and that parents need to continually talk with children when problem-solving to ensure comprehension. Parents can quickly get upset with kids when they think they are not paying attention, while kids get upset when a parent won’t give them comprehensive instructions.

Start Without The Engine Running

Kick-starting a dirt bike remains one of the most difficult concepts to master for any new biker. Since you don’t want your kids to immediately be discouraged or lose control of the dirt bike, explain as much of the process as you can without ever turning on the engine. Kids need to understand the difference and the operation of throttle, brake, and clutch before the engine starts up. Bikes can reach high speeds, and while a kid’s scaled-down bike won’t get that fast, even a slow speed can lead to injuries for the unprepared.

Explain Maintenance

Your kid may have an active imagination, but it doesn’t take much imagination to know what happens if his dirt bike breaks down on a trail in the Mojave Desert or the backwoods of Appalachia. Stress the importance of keeping a dirt bike in good condition, including simple maintenance like cleaning the air filter, changing the oil, and even changing the tires for the particular terrain. Shop for parts at a well known dirt bike store in order to get everything from grips to sprockets for your kid’s particular brand. Give instructions on what spare parts and repair equipment to keep on hand for the bike.

Correcting Faults

The exhilaration of correcting a slide not only causes the pulse to race, but helps kids to prepare for a worst-case scenario in a safe environment. Do balancing exercises for your kid to help them understand how to lean into turns and control a bike going over uneven terrain. Have them take hairpin turns or figure-eights at slow speeds in order to correct for the turn, then increase the speed of the turn each time until they show mastery at full speed. These exercises will help improve throttle control, braking, and balance. You can also remove their seat so they’re forced to stand while riding, something that is a bit unnatural but a necessary skill for a dirt bike rider or racer.

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Recent damage done to my son….

By | April 22, 2014

Children of all ages have a knack for doing stupid shit. They start at a very young age climbing and hitting their heads on things and getting into things that they are told not to touch. As they grow into little kids they start with climbing trees, riding bikes and skateboards and just being reckless. When they become teens they get even more dangerous and when they start driving the toys they play with get bigger and more dangerous. Sometimes they do dangerous things without thinking of the consequences. One such incident happened with my 18 yr old this past week. He has a girlfriend and they were at my moms where he lives and they were playing around picking on each other. So she runs to the truck and starts to drive away as she is driving away my boy being a stupid boy jumps on top of the hood trying to goof off. So instead of stopping driving the girlfriend starts jerking the wheel back and forth trying to knock him off. As he goes to fall of the hood she looks away and runs right over his legs. He trys to push the truck by pushing the axle but he can only push so far since he is a scrawny 18 yr old. So she stops and backs back over him cause she panicked. Some how a piece of metal caught his lower right calf and gashes it open 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. In the process of trying to protect himself from the truck he fractures both sides of his hip bone and gets road rash from the top of his right shoulder all the way to the other side of the gash. So the girlfriend rushes in to tell my mom and my mom calls me and we all rush to the hopsital, her following the abulance and me from across town. The ambulance worksers had to cut his clothes off of his and stop the bleeding. the put him in a kneck brace and laid him flat on the gurney and proceeded to run ever test under the sun to make sure he had no internal bleeding and fractures. They find that his hip is fractured and the gash just missed the muscle in his calf. So they stitch him up and admit him to a room and work on getting therapy for him for the next day. He stayed at the hospital for two days and then they sent him home with a walker and pain meds and directions to follow up with his primary care provider. The girlfriend did not get a ticket or arrested for her part in the accident just a warning that next time she would go to jail. But who’s to say that she wont do it again. What if next time she is doing it cause she is angry with him and kills him. I don’t think she is all to blame but she hasn’t taken any responsibility for being the driver. We have provided his medicine, the wheelchair ramp, and all his gauze pads and tape. She hasn’t helped with any of the medical and non of the necessities. the first night out he went home with her till the ramp could get built but that was it. They are so young and he had plans to join the military and now he may not be able to since she didn’t stop driving when he jumped on the hood. She could have stopped and he would have less damage to his hips. No he shouldn’t have jumped on the hood and I have been over this with him a thousand times since, but she was the driver and had a responsibility to stop the vehicle. Just like if she was driving in a neighborhood or street if someone runs out in front of you, you stop, simple as that. She may be only 17 but everyone knows the rules of the road and pedestrian rights. This has very much upset me that their is nothing that can be done. His insurance didn’t cover his pain meds since it was a doctor on their formulary even though it was ER related so that was $88 for that then another $150 for wood for the ramp. Plus all the gauze pads and tape and ointment. It just makes me sick that she isn’t helping for something she is also responsible for. He can barely walk and has to walk with a walker to get around the house and I just can’t bring myself to forgive her for this. Then when my mom asked her why she didn’t stop when we were leaving the hospital she got all pissy and was rude and said its done and over with so lets drop it. Only its not done and over with he has three months of recovery and may always have pain in his hips because of this. She is an irrational child and I’m so disappointed in her parents and her for not doing the right thing by this.

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Prepare Instead of Panic When Your Teen’s Ready to Drive

By | April 3, 2014


It is natural to worry about your child behind the wheel, but you need to find ways to manage your anxiety so your child gains confidence in his or her abilities as a driver. According to Teen Driver’s Source, teens with authoritative parents are more likely to know the risks of not wearing a seatbelt and are less likely to engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

Know State Teen Driving Regulations

If you are going to preach the rules, you have to know the rules. Most states have different rules for teen drivers, even licensed ones. Depending on where you live, the law may not allow your teen to drive with non-adult passengers, at night or early in the morning. There may also be stiffer laws for drinking and driving, including lower blood-alcohol limits. You will feel safer knowing these rules are in place and that your child knows them before he even gets behind the wheel.

Draw Up a Contract

Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advocate teen driving contracts. These written agreements between you and your teen outline the rules for driving in your family and the consequences for breaking said rules. If your child knows that not wearing a seatbelt can result in loss of privileges or punishment, he may be less likely to commit the offense. Do not be afraid to throw in a few guidelines for yourself, such as a set amount of supervised driving time for your teen.

Practice the Rules Before Driver’s Ed Begins

You can get educational pamphlets for the permit tests, copies of state laws and much more to prepare your teen even before he takes his permit test and moves on to driver’s ed. You can also give him practice driving tests to prepare for the written tests long before taking the real ones. Practice tests exist for every state. Driver’s ed will be easier if he is prepared and you are confident of this fact.

Get to Know Your Driving School

Read all of the material available online and in any paperwork you receive. If you know exactly what each lesson will entail, you will be able to review the material with your child beforehand. For example, if the class is going over safety, you can discuss seatbelt and cell phone use before class.

Set a Good Example

If you know your child has been watching you drive safely and within the rules of the road, you can be more confident that he will do the same. According to the CDC’s “Parents are the Key” program, teens who see their children use the phone, speed and drive without a seatbelt may model that behavior. If you have not been an exemplary driver, it is never too late to start. Tell your teen you are turning over a new leaf and it is okay to point out bad behaviors. Not only will this help you be a better and safer driver, it will also help your teen recognize bad behaviors like road rage, speeding and distracted driving.

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Real Jobs for Work at Home Moms

By | March 27, 2014

Woman working at home

A work-at-home job means that you can read spreadsheets while feeding the baby, call clients while the toddlers nap, and close down shop when school is closed for a snow day. It’s an incredibly easy way to control your schedule and add to your family’s income. Sadly, the internet is crowded with get-rich-quick schemes, and it can be hard to weed out the real opportunities from the empty promises. However, millions of moms have successful work-at-home careers, and here’s a look at some of the real jobs that are out there:

Medical Coding

Medical coders are responsible for creating documents and bills that doctors can send to insurance companies. Every time someone visits a doctor, the doctor is responsible for sending codes to the patient’s insurer. Each one of the over 9,000 CPT (current procedural terminology) codes stands for a unique health care service. There are an additional 13,500 codes that stand for medical diagnoses.

Once they know the codes, medical coders earn an average of $16.42 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although some clinics are willing to train new hires, you will have an advantage finding a job if you have a certificate. According to Penn Foster, a certificate entitles you to join the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and gets you access to industry exams. Credentials like those show others you are ready for this type of work.

Independent Sales Consult

If you have the gift of the gab and you don’t mind spending a lot of time networking, sales may be the best option for you. Avon and Mary Kay have historically been the most popular work-at-home jobs for women. With Mary Kay, you keep half of what you sell, meaning that you make $6 on every $12 tube of face cream, and if you build up a team of consultants underneath you, you can get a car to drive or the monthly cash equivalent.

However, you certainly don’t need to sell make-up. Pick a product you are passionate about. If you love books, look at Usborne. If you like jewelry, Cookie Lee and Premier Designs are reputable companies.


Top mommy bloggers earn a million a year, but it can take years to generate that much buzz around a joke-filled blog. By all means, write what makes you happy. However, while you are plugging away at the next great American novel or posting hilarious pics on your blog, pick up a few sides jobs for cash.

TextBroker and TheContentAuthority both offer paid writing assignments. If your writing sample passes the gatekeeper, you will be able to pick up short assignments in exchange for cash. Sites like Constant Content give you a format where you can write original content and sell it to interested buyers, if you prefer to have a bit more creative freedom.

Get Support!

There are other opportunities out there as well. Think about what you have done before, and expand upon it. Can you charge people for financial advice, pick up a few freelance graphic design jobs, or do some grant writing for local nonprofits? While you sift through the options, get support. The WAHM forum can be invaluable for chatting with real moms, finding opportunities, and getting support when the day gets too crazy.

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Toolboxes for Organization and Safety

By | March 24, 2014

Toolboxes are a vital part of life whether you run your own business, do auto or carpentry work for yourself, or even own a home. There is nothing more aggravating than searching for just the right screwdriver or level and not being able to find it in the garage. It’s just as annoying as gathering together all your tools for a job only to find that you left out exactly the one you needed most to complete your work. A toolbox can help reduce these problems.

Furthermore, if you have children, their safety is required. Keeping tools away from their curious hands in a locked facility can protect them.

Consider, when purchasing a toolbox, what kind you are going to need and what capacity you require to store and transport necessary tools. Do you need a large, rolling box to keep tools safely in the garage? Perhaps you will find that you need portable toolboxes for different types of activities. A lock would be a nice feature to keep tools from vanishing from the premises when you are not home to watch them or when you are on the job relying upon your own tools to do the work.
Figure out the size of toolbox you need. Storage space will help keep those expensive tools safe from weather, disorganization, or other types of damage. Make sure you have enough storage space for everything necessary. A rolling, locking cabinet may be necessary for storage of power tools safely away from possible damage and theft. Be certain that the toolbox you purchase can hold the weight of the tools you have. A large amount of tools can weigh more than you realize. Consider the weight of your tools and be careful to choose solidly built toolboxes with a high grade of steel for durability.
Properly storing tools and equipment can keep your business investment and your tools safe. In this manner, the cost of tools can be expended just once for durable tools rather than having to replace them constantly because they have gone missing. Organization will help gain access to tools swiftly and with efficiency.
Durable yet relatively inexpensive brand-name toolboxes may be purchased to allow you to effectively organize and store your investment in tools. Plan to purchase both large tool chests and portable tool chests to facilitate your work as well as protect your investment and family.

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Be Prepared For Poor Math Grades: Three Warning Signs To Look For

By | March 24, 2014

Of all of the subjects that parents worry about, math is almost always at the top of the list.  The world is becoming more and more focused on science and technology, so having a solid background in math is imperative for students who want to succeed in the real world.  If you think that your child might be struggling in math there are some warning signs that you should be aware of and things that you should look out for.  When you start to see these things it might be time to schedule a talk with a teacher or find a tutor to make sure that your student does not fall too far behind everyone else.

Change In Self-Esteem

When students start to fall behind in math the first thing that goes is their self-esteem.  Kids who used to believe that they could do anything or be anything that they wanted to be see their dreams crushed when they start to do poorly on math homework or exams.  Yes, there are other things that can affect your child’s self-esteem and you should be talking to them any time that you see a significant change in how they see themselves, but if you hear them say things like how stupid they are, the issue is pointing to something academic rather than social.  Do not let this attitude continue, or your child will talk themselves out of believing they will ever be able to do better in math.

Lack Of Specifics

Every day you should be talking to your children about what they learned at school, as this is one of the best ways for them to refresh what they learned and reinforce those concepts.  Most of the time you should be able to get specifics about the things they were taught, and if you see that day after day they are not able to give you specific information, it is a sign of a serious problem.  One of two things is probably happening.  One, they may not be paying attention in class, and that means they will slowly start to fall behind their classmates.  Two, they could have a hard time understanding the concepts, so they are unable to repeat the ideas back to you.  In both cases being proactive will help to keep the damage to a minimum and help you make sure they can keep pace with other students.

Missing Or Incomplete Homework

Students who start to do poorly in a subject will claim that they have no homework or that the work has already been done.  As a parent you need to ask to see the completed work or ask the teacher if work has been assigned recently.  Teachers want their students to do well, and they will usually let you know if a student is not turning in the work, but you have to be willing to make the first move.  Your child might be ashamed that they are doing so poorly in the subject, and they will not want to show you their failure, so this is a very delicate time.  You need to be stern, yet supportive, and let your child know that you are willing to do what it takes to help them understand the material, but you are not satisfied with bad grades.

Some courses like Masteryed can help to improve math scores across a variety of levels and difficulties and should be used to bolster student confidence in their abilities.  Remember that starting early is key so your child does not get buried under the weight of trying to catch up.

Featured images:
  •  License: Royalty Free or iStock source:

I am Ronnie Wheeler and I have been a math teacher for ten years.  These are signs that I talk to parents about all the time, and I wrote this article as an early warning system.

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Help Your Parents Remain Independent with these Five Simple Tips

By | March 14, 2014

Thanks to advanced health care our parents and grandparents are living longer and healthier lives. While this is fantastic news there often comes a time where children become concerned about their parents being able to take care of themselves. You can help your parents remain independent if they are not keen to come and live with you or move into a retirement home. Use these tips and help your parents live the life they want to for as long as it’s safe for them to do so.
Talk to Your Parents
In order for you to help your parents you will need to have a conversation with them about what they want. You may find that with some information they would be happy to move into a retirement apartment, offering some security while allowing your parents to remain as independent as possible. Discuss what they would be happy with when the time comes when living on their own is no longer an option. It’s important to discuss this topic while they remain alert and mentally capable.
Make the Home Work for Your Parents
As your parents get older they may find it difficult to get around. Mobility issues can increase the risk of falls and trips, which can lead to serious injuries. You should make changes in the home that will help your parents to get around safely. Consider installing ramps, handles and railings and improving the floors. The bathroom can be enhanced with suitable equipment such as toilet seat heighteners and walk in showers, or you could make the room a wet room that can accommodate wheelchairs safely.
All shelves should be lowered and you may want to reorganise the current cupboards, wardrobes and drawers so your parents can easily get hold of the items they want. The bed may need to be lowered or raised so they can get in and out with no risks. Chairs can also be raised or lowered and you may want to consider moving your parents down to the ground floor.
Cleaning the Home
If your parents are not managing to keep up with the housework you may need to come and take care of the cleaning for them. The alternative is to hire a cleaner to visit their home a few times a week to take care of the majority of the house work such as vacuuming and dusting.
Medical Equipment
It’s a good idea to install a medical alarm so your parents can easily call for help if they were to fall over or fall ill. Additional medical equipment to consider speaking to the doctor about or purchasing includes:
? Medical bracelet
? Commode
? Walkers or wheelchairs
? Mobility scooter
? Reacher
Your parents will need to be able to hear well so they know when someone is knocking on the door or answer the phone. Poor hearing can leave people feeling isolated and often the problem can be fixed very easily. Hearing aids should also be considered if you’ve noticed your parents struggling to hear you, or if you’ve noticed their television getting louder. Learn more about hearing aids and find a suitable one that will suit your parent’s needs.
The author is a freelance journalist and blogger with several years’ experience working as a carreer for the elderly. She has written many articles and blog posts providing advice and tips on how to help the elderly remain independent and how to cope as a full or part time carer. Her work has been published on hundreds of websites.

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How to Train Your Man: A Classy Girl’s Guide

By | March 12, 2014

Wife Telling Husband Off For Drinking Beer And Eating Pizza

You’ve found the man of your dreams. Only this prince charming skipped right passed finishing school and went straight to animal house. Maybe he’s having trouble letting go of his frat days. Or maybe he’s just a tad rough around the edges. Instead of giving up, help him become the best version of himself with these simple alterations.

Etiquette Intervention

In his world, belching is considered an Olympic sport. Don’t sacrifice dinner parties and work gatherings to save face. Teach him the proper way to digest food is to chew with your mouth closed. Trust us, he doesn’t want to eat like a caveman, he just doesn’t know he’s doing it. Worried about hurting his feelings? Tell him anonymously with the Etiquette App. This app allows users to send anonymous Twitter posts and emails to anyone to gently nab at their faux pas. Once they are aware of the etiquette mishap, the app acts as a pocket etiquette guidebook.

Style Update

For better or worse, in sickness and health, ’til that hideous college hoodie do you part. Critics may warn you against changing your man. Call it vain, manipulative…even selfish. But letting him go out in public wearing that, is just wrong. Play nice, no need to bully him into tailored clothes. Instead of nagging, use flattery to encourage change. Start with baby steps. Pick up a nice European fitted shirt and present it as a gift. When he tries it on shower him with compliments. Get your friends in on it too. Not that your comments don’t matter, but hearing how great he looks from others provides affirmation.

Out on the Town

His idea of a romantic night out involves takeout and sports. Before you retire your stilettos, try something new. Take charge of evening plans and create a night to remember. Set your sights high, but get there by starting small. Treat him to a Broadway show that’ll make him change the way he feels about theater. “The Book of Mormon” might be right up his alley. If he can’t get past the musical aspect, tell him it’s by the creators of “South Park” and say no more.

Bottoms Up

When it comes to wine, your man narrows it down to a basic selection: Red, white and box. Spare him (and yourself) from a life sans Soho cocktail parties. If tampering with his beer and pizza routine poses a challenge, compromise. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria in Greewich Village provides weekly wine classes. Lure him in with pizza, lock him in for the wine classes. You’ll improve his palate, then he can cleanse it with any of the complementary cheeses and meat pairings.

When All Else Fails

You’ve done all you can. Wash your hands from that mess and wipe them down on some washboard abs. The gentlemen at Rent a Gent await your beckoning and they sure look good doing it. The site allows professional and forward-thinking women to rent an eligible bachelor from a pool of curated men. Not a dating or escort service, the site provides women with sexy and sophisticated men fit to fill any void. Need to change out a light bulb? Mix a cocktail? Bring a date to an office party? A Rent a Gent man can handle it for you whenever, wherever, no nagging necessary.

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