Helping your feet feel comfortable.

When i worked in insurance i had to wear high heels every day to work. I love high heels but i hate the way they make my feet swell and hurt from standing on them. So i would buy shoe cushion inserts to put in my heels to help ease the stress and pain in my feet. You see i have high arches and the higher the heel the more painful it would be. Shoe cushions would support my arches and help make the balls of my feet more comfortable.

While shopping in the local mall I found these little squishy pads that worked wonderfully. The only problem was that they deteriorated faster than the more expensive brands but then i came across the flower petals brand and i have to say i absolutely love them. They help my feet feel its best and don’t deteriorate as fast as the cheaper ones and they are a fraction f the cost of the most expensive brands.

Flower petals comes in all shapes and sizes and they come in color matching for your shoes. They have many products from ones for your heels to straps for your shoes. They have ones for the balls of your feet to ones for the heels and padding for your arches.

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