My new googlechrome book…

Trying out my new google chromebook is interesting. Is a whole new experience. This lightweight computer makes for easier typing and browsing and the buttons don’t just rip off. This is a very interesting concept and im sure ill get tons of use out of it. Its going to take some getting used too but i will figure it out as i go and im sure ill get used to it shortly. The differences in the chromebook and my old computer are pretty significant such as the size and the keyboard and the memory. But i have ordered a memory stick to store my information on and i still have my old computer incase there is something i need to do that is on it instead of on here. I’m working on getting used to the keyboard. It will take some time but i’m sure in the end i will grow to love it. I love new technology and experiencing new things and this is definitely a new thing for me. The chromebook is a unique little machine with an intel core and memory like a computer but it runs off of google chrome and you have to use google chrome for all your computing needs. Which means that it works best while online. Yes it can be used offline but it works best when online. I’m really liking the functionality of it and the cleanness of the screen and the ability to store all my files in an online database that will hold them forever, instead of overloading my computer with mindless crap.

Next time you’re in the market for a new computer try something different and get a google chromebook. Its truly an amazing piece of machinery.

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