What a crazy ass life i lead

Lately things have been all over the place. Ive been trying to buid my thirty one business while knitting and sewing for my crafting hobby. I baby sit and i take care of my family and inbetween all that im trying to pass this math class that i have already failed once before. Im struggling bad. Math is really difficult for me and im hoping that after i complete all the homework assignements it will help increase my grade to something passable. But im not so sure. I know that week 2’s homework is so far pretty eay and helping me to catch on to the EYB (expande your brain) problems easier but there is still the problem of the quizzes and the final exam that is worth 150 points. I fear im going to fail and have to pay for the class again before i can get financial aid back, and if thats the case then i have to come up with 1500 to pay for the class for the third time.. Ugh i dont want to do that though. I been working as hard as i can on this seeing as how i dont really have a lot of time to put into it that isnt without a child. My time is stretched between munchkin getting sick, Lil A coming over everyday and lil M coming every monday and the i have frog and chunky to deal with and frog got suspended off the bus and so i have been having to leave early to get munchkin at school then go get frog at school so im missing out on valuable stud time dealing with all this mess. I think if i pass theis class witha passable grade then i may take a break for one term cause I think i may need a break. Lil A is going to come stay with us for about 5 days whie his prents go on a trip and so i definitely wont get much done then. So im trying to get everything accomplished before then.
Hd a thirty one party and scentsy party a few weeks ago and got my scentsy order in today and its amazing, even the hubby loves it. I love the scents i choose and i cant wait to make my house smell so yummy.
Well that is the uodate on how things are going here, hope things are going better at your neck of the woods and maybe things will slow down for me, maybe….

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Hi I am a mother to three obnoxious children and wife to one clueless hubby. Im a mommy blogger, a reviewer, a mother, a wife, and a house cleaner. I spend my days working with my son and writing on my blog when im not doing that im dabbling in my makeup which i absolutely love, or knitting which i love even more. Spending time with my Mom and sister and the kiddos is the highlight of my life.

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