Today he got a spanking….

So today my son got his first spanking from me…. It’s not like I condone spanking but if the behavior warrants it then so be it. All I wanted him to do was listen, and not talk back. Well he thought it would be funnier to ignore what I was saying and mock me. I asked him three times to shut the front door cause the air was on, he waited until i went to get up to shut . Then I told him to put my phone down, that it was dead and he said “I don’t care”, and continued to try to play a game. I warned him several times but he wouldn’t listen so o spanked him. I don’t feel good about it cause I hate spanking, but at least he knows now to listen to me when i speak. Don’t get me wrong he has probably deserved it more times thank I can count, but ┬álike I said I don’t like to spank. I know that sometimes spanking is a lesson they learn but to me it just teaches violence. When children act out they are generally asking for attention or needing an attitude check and a lot of the times you can correct the behavior by simply sitting them down and discussing the problem, or putting them in a time out till they regain composure. Some people believe you have to spank to get a point across, well I’m not one of those people. When its warranted then yes spank, but you don’t have to spank your kids every time they do something you don’t like. I feel bad that he got a spanking but I also know it’s my duty as a mom to teach him to listen and follow directions. What if your out in public and you tell your kid to stop walking so they don’t get hit by a car and they are the type that never listen and they get hit by a car. Wouldn’t you feel bad for them? I know I would. I would also feel bad that my kid didn’t listen and got hurt. So with that said I know that my job as a mom is to correct bad before and behavior that could cause him pain and suffering., and if that means I have to break his heart and spank him on occasion I will within reason and without anger.

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Hi I am a mother to three obnoxious children and wife to one clueless hubby. Im a mommy blogger, a reviewer, a mother, a wife, and a house cleaner. I spend my days working with my son and writing on my blog when im not doing that im dabbling in my makeup which i absolutely love, or knitting which i love even more. Spending time with my Mom and sister and the kiddos is the highlight of my life.

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