Glad that is over

So glad that Christmas is over with. It’s so hard for me to keep secrets.  Knowing that I know what the kids are getting for Christmas and not being able to tell them drives me nuts.  But Santa came to visit us and left many goodies under the tree.

So glad that this year we could provide a great Christmas for the kids.  I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts but more about Jesus and spending quality time with loved ones but isn’t it also about giving to the ones you live when you can’t give to them all year? I love Christmas day is one of the best days in the year for me. This year was awesome.

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Hi I am a mother to three obnoxious children and wife to one clueless hubby. Im a mommy blogger, a reviewer, a mother, a wife, and a house cleaner. I spend my days working with my son and writing on my blog when im not doing that im dabbling in my makeup which i absolutely love, or knitting which i love even more. Spending time with my Mom and sister and the kiddos is the highlight of my life.

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