Mama Drama: Who is Mother’s Day Really for?

happy family celebrating mothers day

As Mother’s Day approaches, ladies get their hopes up about being spoiled, pampered and showered with gifts by not only their children, but their husbands as well. However, men often feel that Mother’s Day is meant to honor their own mothers. Since their wives did not raise them, husbands think they don’t need to do anything special for their spouses on Mother’s Day. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is for, right? The result is usually disappointment, arguments, tears and resentment. But, all this mama drama is avoidable with just a simple gesture of appreciation. Plus, there is no real downside to honoring your wife, no matter what stage of mothering she is in. And that includes your mother.


Pregnant women might be the most confusing and controversial group to deal with on Mother’s Day. The perception is that moms-to-be don’t fit the bill since Mother’s Day is meant to honor the hard work and sacrifices moms make. But growing a human is no easy task—body aches, always being tired and active hormones can get the best of an expectant mother, especially in emotionally charged situations. More importantly, she may be feeling confused about motherhood. While she’s looking forward to meeting her little one, the reality that she is about to be responsible for another life is scary.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remind your mom-to-be that, though you can’t carry your child, you are beside her all the way. Since pregnant women often feel frumpy and struggle with fashion, a pretty new top from Motherhood Maternity will make her feel special. If you still don’t think you should buy a gift for someone who is still a mom-in-the-making, pick up a few children’s book from Barnes and Noble that emphasize the bond between mother and child, such as “Mama, Do You Love Me?” The books are inexpensive tokens that start at just $6 and, since you will be loading up on children’s book soon enough, they make a great investment too.

Mothers of Small Children

Of all the stages of motherhood, parenting infants and toddlers might be the most difficult and least rewarding. These moms are in the trenches every day, wiping snot, changing diapers, taming tantrums and cleaning spills. It is a decidedly unglamorous period in a woman’s life, yet one she will long for in years to come. These moms, who rarely hear a word of thanks for their everyday Herculean efforts, desperately need the pick-me-up of Mother’s Day. Aside from their husbands, however, there is no one to give it to them.

Young children aren’t capable of saying “Thanks,” making breakfast in bed or buying a gift. If dad sticks to the thought of “She’s not my mom,” the first lady of the house goes unnoticed yet again. Instead, opt for a two-pronged attack. First, send her Mother’s Day flowers from Beautiful blooms will remind her that you think she is lovely and appreciate the efforts she makes to raise your children. Then, grab a craft kit, such as a stone handprint kit from Walmart. Use the kit to make impressions of each child’s hand and give the finished product as a gift from the children. Not only will she be awed be the effort you put forth, she will love a keepsake that freezes the moment in time when her babies were still babies.

Empty Nesters

For women who devoted their lives to raising children, after the kids fly the coop can be a time that is quiet and a bit sad. Even though adult children may call, send a gift or even stop by for a visit on Mother’s Day, it just is not the same as being surrounded by the chaos of young ones. For ladies whose children have started their own lives, Mother’s Day may feel melancholy, instead of joyful. So help her look forward to new adventures with you as you enjoy the freedoms of an empty nest. Take her for a romantic dinner out at The Melting Pot and buy tickets at StubHub to upcoming theater and comedy events in your area.

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