Wean Green food storage containers…


When munchkin was a little one and started eating baby food I wanted to provide him with the most nutritional baby food I could.. So I started out feeding him fruits and vegetables I cooked myself. The only problem I was having was finding little storage containers that were like a single serving so I wouldn’t have to heat up all the food I had prepared and ruin the nutritional content of it. Unfortunately I did not know about Wean Green food storage containers at that time. Since then I have been introduced to this great company.

Wean Green is a Canadian based company dedicated to providing you safe food storage containers that are also environmentally friendly.
They are made with the on the go mom in mind, designed to fit in a diaper bag and carry any number of food items. They were designed to be chic as well as functional. The can even grow with your child.
When I received the email asking me if I wanted to review their products I was excited. I absolutely love their storage cubes and could not pass this up. I received the storage cubes in the mail and they are so cute. They are designed with a pink, blue, green, and orange top.  I absolutely love them; there are so many uses for the Wean Green storage cubes. I absolutely love them and I know you will too. Just for following my blog Wean Green is offering a discount code of 20% just use the code PUNKROCKMOMMA. Now head on over and try these awesome storage containers out.
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Disclaimer: no money was given tome for this review. The opinion expressed here are of my own opinion of the products that I received in the mail from Wean Green.

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