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Soft clothing company for all children…Review…

By | November 29, 2010

> My son Frog has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Along with this disorder he also has many different other issues. One of those issues is a sensory sensitivity to clothing, tags, seams, and other things. I came across this store that markets to the sensory sensitive kids. Soft clothing company makes clothes with out seams […]

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SoftLips review and Giveaway

By | November 22, 2010

> I am always looking for a great lip balm. One that has spf, and is smooth to my lips and has a great smell to it. Not that nasty bland wax stuff but a satiny smooth lip balm that glides on and stays strong.  I have always loved Soft Lips lip balm and the […]

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Charm Factory review and giveaway.

By | November 15, 2010

> One of my wishes before I get to old is to get a tattoo of four punk rock stars on my forearm. With each star representing one of my kids. But since I’m not financially able to do that at this time the next best thing is this awesome charm bracelet by .  It […]

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Uncommonly cute Review and giveaway

By | October 25, 2010

> So recently I came across this super awesome store for babies and toddlers called Uncommonly Cute.  The sell tshirts and onesies that make a statement.  Here is what they have to say ” Hip and Cool Toddler and baby clothes for the trendy and hip boy or girl in your life! Uncommonly Cute is […]

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>Totally not the ending i would have liked..

By | October 20, 2010

>So recently i got to watch Julia and Julie for the first time..I know,I know its a bit late. But i have to say that when it came out i wasn’t familiar with the book so i wasn’t sure i would want to see it. But ever since i have been blogging i have found […]

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