The horror at the dentist

So I took munchkin to the dentist and at first he was all chipper. Until they brought out the drill. First they numbed his gums which he hated and decided to turn his head back and forth. Then they finally talk him into doing the rubbing numb stuff. Then they pull out the needle, poor baby didn’t know what to think. After he was completely scared off by the needle they go to suction his mouth and he starts pulling up out of the chair. All while I’m a nervous wreck for him. She finally gets him to open up and shows his the drill without the bit in and he’s like that’s ok, yeah f@&$ right. She puts that bit on and hides it from him then he’s all like this is ok and she puts the drill to his tooth and he goes ape shit. Screaming and writhing and trying to come out of the chair. They have me restrain his arms but he’s too strong so I can’t get a good grip. It’s pure torture. Well once that is done they proceed to do yet another one and I’m like this isn’t working he’s scared out his mind had to pee and don’t want them to touch him. I’m crying, he’s crying and because he won’t sit still they have to restrain him on this bored thing with straps that lock him in like a burrito. By now my anxiety is through the roof and I’m trying all my will power not to attack like a momma bear. It had to be done, they can’t get worse for him. He’s my baby and they tortured him. Still now a day later I’m crying for him as I write this. It broke my heart and I broke his heart by not protecting him. Such a sad time in our life.

getting back to writing about family

so lately i have been doing a lot of blogging about companies and reviews and giveaways and i feel i have lost site of what i started this blog out to be. I used to post daily about my little munchkin and the new things he was learning but the reviews and sponsored post have taken over and im not having so much content about my life as i used to. so here is a start at getting back to normalcy..

This past weekend my little munchkin learned how to ride his tricycle. Not the type of riding were you sit on it and push with your feet on the ground but actually riding a bike going forward. I was so proud of him he learned how to ride a bike earlier than any one of my other children. It just goes to show how smart he is… lol

My oldest is not doing so well in school right now she was makeing straight a’s and now she has dropped down to b’s and some of them are low b’s im not to happy with her performance lately. She is working hard on getting her grades up by the end of the year which is in like one week.

For Frog we were so worried that he wouldnt pass the school testing that passes or fails him but he pulled through and passed im so happy and proud of him for doing so well even though the teacher says he is way behind. He pulled through and is getting to move on to 4th grade now comes the hard part. They are testing him at school for special education classes cause he is so far behind hopefully it will help him with all the reports they have them do in 4th grade cause i practically had to do his reports for him this year.

>Update on Mommy Makeup Giveaway

>Hey due to the short time frame i set for the Mommy Makeup giveaway i will be extending this giveaway till January 14th at 9pm So you still have time to get your entries in and hopefully we will get more entries.

On another note..
Today is the first Friday the kids had back at school. Its been a  challenging week for us. Frog has spent his days fighting with me and getting in trouble at school for not doing his work. He spent two days in the principals office. He has been destroying toys and making big messes that he doesnt want to clean up. Chunk is turning 10 tomorrow and has put on this big girl attitude about everything. She wants everything and a party too but we just dont have it this year. So tonight she has a cousin spending the night and tomorrow we may go do something but i dont know what cause we are broke.. lol so it may not be some extravagant something.. Munchkin has really hit the terrible twos and started crying and fussing all day. which is driving us nuts..He is throwing fits and not wanting to drink what we give him, he has started being really picky which doesnt go over well with the hubby cause he expects him to do as he is told and i know better.. lol

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>round and round…

>So today munchkin thought it was hilarious to spin me around in a circle in my computer chair. He spun me around and around until i was dizzy and sick to my stomach. I finally get him to stop and he starts spinning me the other way. Now i am thoroughly sick to my stomach and my head is spinning in circles so much that it gave me a headache. The whole time he was spinning me he was just a laughing. Laughing so hard he almost tripped. It was so cute.. But very sickening.

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>Wind why do you hurt him so….

>So at the munchkins birthday party i bought him a Spongebob balloon from Party City. Well he loved that balloon so much that we took it to McDonalds with  us for the party. Unfortunately it got away form him and flew to the air vent in the ceiling. So i promised him i would get him another balloon the next time i see one. Well today i was presented with the opportunity to rectify that situation when we were at the WalMart check out line and a Spongebob balloon was flying around the register. So i asked the cashier to get the balloon for him so i could purchase it. And she so graciously did. Well everything was going great we went through the line, walked out the doors to go to the car and i even got him and the balloon in the car even thought the wind was howling at me. But like a dummy i thought he had a hold of the balloon and opened the other side door and out went the balloon.. Flying away while i had my hands full of groceries. I’m running through  the parking lot trying to catch this balloon but to no avail it landed in a tree a few sections over. Just tossing and turning in the wind. So it just so happens that this very nice young black guy was walking past the tree and noticed the balloon way up int it and saw me driving towards it.. Seriously i was going to climb that tree to get my munchkins balloon back but he presented me with a  better option. So he so gallantly tore off a branch of the tree to reach it with and climbed into a waiting grocery cart and reached up and snatched the balloon right out of that tree. The  munchkin was happy, i was happy and he did a good deed for the day. Thank you to whomever he was cause he was a blessing i could have easily feel out of that tree and broke my leg.. But thanks to this awesome young man munchkin has his balloon back and is much more happy with his momma. So how has your day been going?

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Uncommonly cute Review and giveaway


So recently I came across this super awesome store for babies and toddlers called Uncommonly Cute.  The sell tshirts and onesies that make a statement.  Here is what they have to say ” Hip and Cool Toddler and baby clothes for the trendy and hip boy or girl in your life! Uncommonly Cute is inspired by trendy (but speechless) babies everywhere. Here you will find baby clothing that transcends the department store notion of what a kid ought to look like and bring little individual baby clothing into your little individual’s closet. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift or some cool baby clothes for the little cutie in your life, look no further. You’ll find Newborn Clothes, Infant Clothes and Toddler Clothes to match perfectly!”
Their shirts are so awesome. I had the hardest time trying to decide which shirt I wanted.
It was a difficult choice to make with such great options as “I’m huge on Twitter, Rock Star, Tree Hugger, and King of the little people.” How could I decide? So I sent them a long list of shirts and said just send me one of these. Lol
With them deciding which one to send I couldn’t lose. When I got it in the mail it was such a surprise.  They sent me the I’m huge on Twitter shirt in a 4T for my little munchkin. 
 The t-shirt is a soft cotton t-shirt very durable and the print on it washes well. I was amazed by the quality of the t-shirt and the quality of the lettering. Uncommonly cute has all you need for those unique baby gifts. They help that special little one express themselves before they can even talk. I will definitely be buying my munchkin some more of there shirts in the future.
What’s so great about this company besides there awesome t-shirts is that they are offering one t-shirt of your choice to one of my lucky readers.
So here is how you can win:
Mandatory entry: Must be a follower of punk rock momma and  hop on over to Uncommonly cute and come back and tell me which one you would pick.
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That’s it so lets get this started…..
Disclaimer: The opinions I have expressed here are truly my own and I was not paid for this review I was simply sent a product to review.
Contest ends: November 5th at 9pm est.. winner will be picked by and they will have 48 hours to respond before i move on to the next choice.

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>Update on the surgery…


He came through the surgery great. First we went in the back to the prep room to fill out papers and get him ready for the Dr. While waiting i snapped this picture of him. When the Dr. was ready for him i went out to the lobby to wait on him. It was taking a little while so i ended up falling asleep in the chair. SO they came out and woke me up and let me know he was awake. I went to the recovery room and he wouldn’t talk to anyone so i kept asking him if he was ok but he wasn’t he was complaining of a head ache. The anesthesia gave him  horrible headache. So they gave him some Tylenol and after about forty minutes let us go home. He was wheeled out in a wheel chair and we were on our way to the house. I decided since he had just had surgery and had not ate yet that i would take him to McDonalds for breakfast so we cruised through the drive-thru to get some pancakes. Then headed home. I was so tired that after i ate my breakfast and cleaned the table me and the munchkin took a  two hour nap while frog watched tv in his room. All and all it went great and i should know something in three month at our next appointment. I was asleep when the Dr. came out to talk to me but ill get the results later.
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>Kidorable Review and Giveaway…


 Recently I came across this totally awesome children’s store called Kidorable.  They sell children’s rain boots, umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots, book bag and other kids accessories. I of course ordered 
 and thebook bag
My little munchkin loves frogs and I thought he would look so cute in these items. So they arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get them out of the box and show them to him. He absolutely loved them. As soon as I pulled them out of the box he wanted them on and has not taken them off since.  They are made of sturdy materials and look great. You can tell that these items will last a long time. 
Kidorable is a company that is shopped at by more than one celebrity family. To name one is Suri Cruise and her momma, they were seen sporting rainwearand rainwearwhile out and about. Kidorable has been featured in people magazine and Marie Claire magazine. “knitwear delights both children and the adults who love them by transforming everyday, functional kids accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play.
From knitwear to Kidorable to Kidorable and Kidorable, Kidorable speaks to the precious spirit of childhood.” Quoted by Kidorable Publicist..
Now for the Fun part Kidorable is offering one Umbrella of your choice to one lucky winner.
So the Rules:
Mandatory entry: you must follow me here at Punk Rock Momma and hop on over to Kidorable and tell me what item you would choose other than the Kidorable.
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Giveaway will end on Friday October 22nd at 9 pm.
Disclosure: All the opinions that are expressed here are  my own and I was not paid for this review I was simply given product to examine and review,

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