>How are we going to do christmas?

>This year has been not so good on the money front and somehow we have to by Christmas for three kids this year with no money. What are we going to do..We are completely broke and cant afford Christmas.. I want them to enjoy the Christmas season and not expect a lot of stuff and every year we have always been able to provide a decent Christmas for them but i just don’t see it happening this year. So at this pint i think we will only be able to get them one thing a piece and that is just not a good Christmas…Man this sucks makes me feel horrible.. So how is your Christmas working out? Having a good year or a bad year?

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>Weekend blog hops…


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 Now on this last one we are supposed to post a picture of a different thing each week this week is a picture of our house so here is a picture of munchkin sitting on the couch. notice the stain on the brand new couch. ugh kids..

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found this facebook one

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>Lets talk about sex baby….


This is not for kids so I warn you please divert there attention somewhere else or wait till there asleep to read.. Ok so turn those kiddos away…Ok now ready? Here we go…

Eden Cafe

Ok now as you all are well aware of, the longer you’re with someone the more interactive and fresh you have to make the bedroom activities. No, I’m not talking about watching TV or changing the bed sheets. lol I’m talking about sex. It can get boring or complacent the longer you’re with someone. You have to spice things up with new lingerie outfits, maybe some sex toys, and some lotions and potions sometimes do the trick. In my years since I became a mother, god I love them, but they have destroyed my ability to have sex any normal way. I am currently on the verge of asking for female viagra… I know I’m still young but it has gotten to the point were I cannot enjoy or be entertained with it any more. I am working hard with my hubby to find new and exciting ways to entice and arouse the senses but nothing seems to work. So we were recently given the opportunity to try a sex toy and I have to say it did some good. We were give the Bgood Vibe from Eden Fantasies and it come in an awesome box with no distinguishing marks on the outside so no one new my shame, until now…lol

It is hot pink which is like one of my favorite colors, as if you couldn’t tell. It was an easy to use toy no real instructions needed, no wires, only two double A batteries were needed and it has a slow speed, a medium speed and a fast speed. Well I found that the slow and medium speed really did not do much for fun but the faster speed increased the libido enough to actually get me aroused and enjoy being with my hubby. I would totally recommend trying a toy if your sex life is less than perfect it could totally increase your sensations and arousal and hopefully bring you the big O…

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>OshKosh B’Gosh deals

>So right now on Oshkosh B’gosh online they have a fantabulous sale going on..I bought 4 shirts for chunky, 4 shirts for frog and 6 shirts for munchkin and a sweater for each for $132 and they are all winter clothes… You should really hop on over and check it out..Most of the items i bought were $6.

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>Trouble with blogger…

>So lately i have noticed that there has been an increase in the amount of times blogger has been f*king up. They either wont let you post, cant put in pictures, or you can read your blogs your following cause it says you have non. Now normally if this is a once in a lifetime thing then i wouldnt complain but its been happening more and more in the past three weeks. Currently i can not red all my bogs i follow because according to Blogger i dont follow any. Which is tremendously wrong cause i follow over 500 blogs. Yes i do red all of them not everyday but i read all the updated posts as much as i can. If im trying to read the updated posts which i am trying to do then i cant do it and that sucks.  Why cant blogger get there shit straight and fix this problem. Sometimes i can log out and log back in and it be there but other days like today it doesnt work. Im starting to get very disappointed in blogger and there ability to hold my business since they cant seem to keep there system working properly. Has anyone else been having this problem? What did you do about it?  I have already posted more than once to the technical boards and nothing came of it.. Im at a lose i cant find my blogs i follow and that makes it hard for me to join the blog hops and be up to date on all the new posts. What to do? What to do?

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>A new award…

>Jennifer over at Life with the Lebedas has so sweetly awarded me with the Versatile blogger award…

So i have to tell seven things aobu tmyself and then pass this along to 15 bloggers that i recently came across.
Well 15 is a bit much for me so ill pass it on to a few.

So 7 things about myself…

  1. Im a libra…
  2. I am going to color my hair hot pink
  3.  (yes all of it)
  4. My favorite colors right now ar ethe colors on my blog but mainly black which has been my favorite color since grade school.
  5. I failed seventh grade for not doing the work..
  6. Sometimes i yell at people for getting on my nerves (dont like it but i do it…)
  7. I am a natural blonde and use that excuse everytime i do something completely stupid (which is often) lol

Now on to the blogs that im awarding this too…..

  1. 3 under 3
  2. A hippo with a head band 
  3. Punk Rock Momma Sig
  4. A hippo with a head band
  5. Punk Rock Momma Sig

So there you go that is the 5 people im going to pass this one on too. If you havent read them yet hop on over and read they are all good and some are even crafty.. Hop they enjoy there award and congratulation to the ones i passed it too.

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A hippo with a head band A hippo with a head band

>Christmas Cheer….


What is Christmas Cheer “ ?
 A special November month just in time for the holiday season that will give reviews on great gifts that you’d love to give to your family and friends or you might even want to receive  one of them! Yes there will be awesome giveaways and you may not want to miss even one of them.
So keep checking back to see what you might win! I am excited to spread the cheer :)
Christmas Cheer will start spreading from Nov 1-30, 2010.
What can you do?
Snag the “Cheer” button and spread the buzz about this event and start spreading some Christmas Cheer.

You will get 3 extra entries in the Giveaways from Nov 1-30 if you post a few lines about this event and place the “Cheer” button on your blog. Leave me a comment here with a link to your post / button. Make sure you remember to add the extra entries when you enter the giveaways. I’d love to have as many participants as possible for this Cheer-full event right here on my blog. The more the merrier! So hop on over on the first and start spreading the Christmas Cheer..

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