>Trouble with blogger…

>So lately i have noticed that there has been an increase in the amount of times blogger has been f*king up. They either wont let you post, cant put in pictures, or you can read your blogs your following cause it says you have non. Now normally if this is a once in a lifetime thing then i wouldnt complain but its been happening more and more in the past three weeks. Currently i can not red all my bogs i follow because according to Blogger i dont follow any. Which is tremendously wrong cause i follow over 500 blogs. Yes i do red all of them not everyday but i read all the updated posts as much as i can. If im trying to read the updated posts which i am trying to do then i cant do it and that sucks.  Why cant blogger get there shit straight and fix this problem. Sometimes i can log out and log back in and it be there but other days like today it doesnt work. Im starting to get very disappointed in blogger and there ability to hold my business since they cant seem to keep there system working properly. Has anyone else been having this problem? What did you do about it?  I have already posted more than once to the technical boards and nothing came of it.. Im at a lose i cant find my blogs i follow and that makes it hard for me to join the blog hops and be up to date on all the new posts. What to do? What to do?

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>A new award…

>Jennifer over at Life with the Lebedas has so sweetly awarded me with the Versatile blogger award…

So i have to tell seven things aobu tmyself and then pass this along to 15 bloggers that i recently came across.
Well 15 is a bit much for me so ill pass it on to a few.

So 7 things about myself…

  1. Im a libra…
  2. I am going to color my hair hot pink
  3.  (yes all of it)
  4. My favorite colors right now ar ethe colors on my blog but mainly black which has been my favorite color since grade school.
  5. I failed seventh grade for not doing the work..
  6. Sometimes i yell at people for getting on my nerves (dont like it but i do it…)
  7. I am a natural blonde and use that excuse everytime i do something completely stupid (which is often) lol

Now on to the blogs that im awarding this too…..

  1. 3 under 3
  2. A hippo with a head band 
  3. Punk Rock Momma Sig
  4. A hippo with a head band
  5. Punk Rock Momma Sig

So there you go that is the 5 people im going to pass this one on too. If you havent read them yet hop on over and read they are all good and some are even crafty.. Hop they enjoy there award and congratulation to the ones i passed it too.

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A hippo with a head band A hippo with a head band