>Wind why do you hurt him so….

>So at the munchkins birthday party i bought him a Spongebob balloon from Party City. Well he loved that balloon so much that we took it to McDonalds with  us for the party. Unfortunately it got away form him and flew to the air vent in the ceiling. So i promised him i would get him another balloon the next time i see one. Well today i was presented with the opportunity to rectify that situation when we were at the WalMart check out line and a Spongebob balloon was flying around the register. So i asked the cashier to get the balloon for him so i could purchase it. And she so graciously did. Well everything was going great we went through the line, walked out the doors to go to the car and i even got him and the balloon in the car even thought the wind was howling at me. But like a dummy i thought he had a hold of the balloon and opened the other side door and out went the balloon.. Flying away while i had my hands full of groceries. I’m running through  the parking lot trying to catch this balloon but to no avail it landed in a tree a few sections over. Just tossing and turning in the wind. So it just so happens that this very nice young black guy was walking past the tree and noticed the balloon way up int it and saw me driving towards it.. Seriously i was going to climb that tree to get my munchkins balloon back but he presented me with a  better option. So he so gallantly tore off a branch of the tree to reach it with and climbed into a waiting grocery cart and reached up and snatched the balloon right out of that tree. The  munchkin was happy, i was happy and he did a good deed for the day. Thank you to whomever he was cause he was a blessing i could have easily feel out of that tree and broke my leg.. But thanks to this awesome young man munchkin has his balloon back and is much more happy with his momma. So how has your day been going?

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